31 December 2009

Ipod Nano 5G In-Depth review.

The Fifth G's Nano shape and dimensions still the same as before,the 4G's Nano.But 5G's has a polished aluminium finish and have touch of luxurious sheen.Yea,its slippy in your hand and thats why you should have any case or skin for this 5G.

Video recording is one of the reasons people considering Nano 5G.It gives you 640x480 VGA resolution.Surprisingly,even it is a vga recording type,but the quality is far more better than a handphone(1.3-3.2 megapixel camera).Although dedicated camcorders do the job better,the 5G's Nano videos have amazingly decent detail and colours.

What's more,there are 15 built-in recording effects.Options include Xray,black and white,Sepia,Cyborg and lots more.Sorry for not giving you examples on how it look likes.Maybe on the next post.So thats all for today.=D


faris. said...

lawan a dengan sony walkman aku!!
gaduh! gaduh!

--- said...

Bring it on!hahahha

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