26 July 2011

My life in 2 months of industrial training.

Berikutan dibawah adalah update dari saya sepanjang dua bulan di KL. Hidup saya di sini semakin meriah setiap akhir minggu dan saya rasa, saya perlu menetap di KL pada masa akan datang .lol

F-Secure office. Having my internship in F-Secure (Bangsar South) Asia Pacific HQ for 7 months. Love the people ,love the environment and sooo relaxing!

This is our department meeting room.

We  got snooker in here and gym.

PS3 with guitar hero's guitar!

Tiec Competition. Went there for visit and helping those guys in conducting the event.SIFE UTP

Playing baseball batting in OU - You guys should try it . RM4 for15 balls and dont forget to bring your student's card to get student price.

Urbanscapes 2011. This year Urbanscape has done a tremendous job! Love the place and the area. Got nine free tickets. Thx to Nik,Faris,Daphnee,Timmy,Rais,Iejat,Indra and others for joining us!

At last! picture with Hana Tajima. Actually we want to have some interview for our Doezine but sadly theres this guy spoiled our day.Hahaha

Chartis Special Competition with SIFE UTP (BEEP) .Congrats to BEEP for getting into the final stage.

Broga Hills. Gosh I love the scenery there! Thx to Faris,Alif,Zarith,Shaf,Nik,Nuar, Mahsyar(pictures were stunning!) and Imran

And we got our self real Satay KAJANG.Sedap Kaw2!

Latest one, SIFE UTP won SIFE NATIONAL CUP and will be presenting MALAYSIA for SIFE WORLD CUP 2011!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! I am really proud to be a SIFER.

Technical Team 2011(Awang ,Red, Arinayeooo.hahha) and 2010(Me and Mahsyar)

Before the competition

More to come after this -SINGAPORE and STGCC,!!

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