16 December 2008

New Gear!!..

Recently I just bought two lenses for RM200.Cheap isnt it??!!Huhuhu.Both are old lense.Actually the lenses are use for the old SLR camera like the OM SLR .But with an adapter I can attach both lenses onto my DSLR.Isn't that great?!!One with the tele and the other one really suitable for potrait.Hak3.Plus,after this I'll be purchasing one more lenses..THE 50MM OM lense with 1.8 apeture.

These are the example of pictures that Ive taken with the tele lense:


Gaddafi said...

wah smart lah. banyak2 kan lagi gambar.
btw mane blog lame ko oh?

top the pop said...

hak3....sudah de deletekan..pasnie tuka blog kot..cuz nak host terus.hu3

syaza said...

Anda manusia Utp..! Nak ikot kau tembak2.. haha

bakri hafiz hisham said...

gambar bunga tu bagus dof-nya.

top the pop said...

to bakri:

‹–…•!ŊĨ ªžhªÿªÐ•…–› said...

wah..beautiful pic..!!<3

Fara.Da.Sen$ei said...

picture chanteq!!
olympus user gak eh??
menarik gle offer hrga lense!
bleh share tips dpt ktne murah cmtu nie :)

*sgt teringin angkat lense potraite lorr~

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